mini marshmallow shooter

We were at the county fair last weekend and saw boys walking around with these. Then we saw the ridiculous price when we passed the booth selling them. Clearly we were going to make these our. $4 in materials from the plumbing section ( not including the mini mallows already in the pantry )

I found simple instructions on this cub scout web page.

All you need is:
24 inches of PVC pipe 1/2inch diameter pipe
2 end caps
2 "T"'s
2 90 degree elbows
mini mashmallows
We had a bag of store brand mini marshmallows, and they were actually different sizes. some were too skinny to make a tight fit in the barrel and some were too thick and got stuck. We found the "name brand" variety had uniform perfect little pluggers.

using a tape measure or ruler, mark off six 3 inch sections. the remaining length is the 6 inch barrel. cut with the hack saw. Scrape out any shavings inside the
pipe. fit together and shoot some marshmallows. Don't glue the pieces together. you can change the combination of fittings form different shape shooters and you need to be able to take it apart to wash it. Sticky and spitty will impair shooting ability.
You could paint them, we chose to keep our stay-puff white.

This will definitely score "coolest mom o the block" points

to use, place a marshmallow in the upper, open end. put that same end up to your lips and give a quich hard blow. The marshmallow will navigate the turns and exit out the long barrel.

I love the "phoooph" sound it makes when the marshmallow ejects.
your son or daughter will think you are the coolest mom on the block.

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  1. My husband made some of these for my girls last year (and for himself!). They ambushed me when I walked in the door...too fun!