Play & Learn

I am so excited we pulled this room together just in time for the start of our homeschool year. It's so fun and fresh in here we don't want to leave. You can find some of my inspiration on my 'Learning' Pinterest Board.
We made these blue cubby units from Ana White plans that we modified for a custom fit.

This was a barren wasteland before.

Now it's a comfortable, fun, organized space.

This is the sunniest room in the house.
What started out as Big Brother's room, turned toy dumping ground, after a bad dinosaur dream. Big brother was very frightened by the big window with the huge view of mountains. This IS dinosaur country and dreams of dinos sticking their head through the window, caused too many wakeful nights.

This window seat is one of my favorite places.

When I saw this fabric, I fell in love and went a little overboard.  Grandpa came for a visit, and was so kind to sew this cushion cover, using some leftover foam we had from a different project
Please disregard the chipped paint, there used to be a desk area here, now it's a window seat (for safety reasons it is lower than the window) I will touch up the paint soon! 

We use this map with Story of the World everyday! Big Brother, my little map fanatic.

This bower we made is just magical. Little Sister hides and plays in here, Big Brother prefers to read quietly, it's easy to escape to far off places. All the fabric absorbs some sound and the light airy feel inside all the white is so neat!

We love the rain gutter shelves, too.

This is the best crayon storage, EVER!

Artwork display (@Pottery Barn Kids $80) my knock off version saved $60!

There are still some unfinished details and will update with some more pictures as soon as they are finished. 

*Update* for some reason all the photos are blurry after uploading, nothing changed...hmmmm
need to fix.

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  1. I would love to know where you purchased that map. It is fantastic!

  2. Is the frame used for the map is a DIY project? If so, can you share how did you do it?