Analog Angry Birds

 Imitation is the greatest form of flattery,  right?

Early one recent Saturday Morning, I  came across this from the Brassy Apple, while sipping coffee. I jumped up, grabbed Big Bro's hand and a couple Subway Kids meal Bags, and headed down the street and into the field. I'm not exaggerating, I knew Big Brother was going to love every bit of it. We collected a few dozen rounded rocks in specific sizes. Smallest for Split It, larger for piggies and Speed is the Essence ( or as Big Brother reads it "speed the energy") and so on.

We pulled out some newspaper and acrylic paint. We had a lot of fun painting these guys.

We made an early lunch and let them dry.

Using some old wooden blocks, we tossed our unhappy feathered friends by hand. Big Brother and Little sister spent most of the afternoon throwing rocks at blocks.

It's pretty true to the original version, those little blue guys are too wimpy by themselves, you have to throw all three at once and the red Big Brother is very powerful.

Set up, knock down. Pretty simple.

By far the best craft we tried ALL SUMMER!!!

Wait it gets even better...

First thing Sunday morning, before it got too hot, we set out for the field again. This uptime were in the market do a forked branch. we found the most perfect dried branch, baked in the sun, bark already peeling off. Layer it across the top of the stroller an headed home.
A hack saw (mine, the one I keep under the sink with my other tools) and a sanding block was all we needed to whip up one of these guys.

My poor, deprived son, 6 years old and never built or used a slingshot before. Some rubber bands and a piece of old rubber from the toolbox liner.

I have never seen more beautiful markings on a homemade slingshot, isn't it perfect?
What a beauty.
The icing on the cake.

We took some practice shots in the field to get the hang of it before retreating to the shady back patio.
Just pure fun!

This would be a perfect activity for an Angry Birds Party. Thank You Brassy Apple!


  1. These are the best Angry Bird DIY I found on Pinterest! Will be Our Thursday Spring Break project!

  2. I have a grandson who loves Angry Birds, too. Great for a rain day during Spring Break!

  3. Adorable and fun, what a great idea! I put this on Pinterest,fyi:) Sally