Crochet is always in fashion. From baby blankets to hats, doilies and scarfs. Endless possibilities from those few simple stitches. For the past several years, I stayed in the easy blanket comfort zone.

{I love these bold colors and chunky cotton for this pretty petal}

Until one day, a couple years ago. I met the most helpful woman. She had a yarn shop in a big warehouse that was a co-op of women owned businesses. There was a hair salon in one one side, along with a nail technician, an esthetician in the back where you could get a facial. An acupuncturist, a consignment clothing shop that was very funky, rustic style furniture showroom and nestled in the middle was Karen and her yarn shop and espresso. It had wide plank wooden floors and a wood stove in the back. The whole place was pieced together, eclecticly charming. There was a circle of chairs and two women chatting. The walls were lined with shelves of all the imaginable skeins and balls and sample creations of the various yarns.

And so my journey of crochet began to bloom...

These are going to adorn a pillow for Little Sister
The colors are perfect. I must admit this is the most bizarre pattern of yarn. 
These are all crocheted from the same continuous skein. From red to dark pink to white splashed with blue, yellow. I don't know what it's suppose to be for, but the flowers are definitely one of a kind :)

You can find some cute patterns on Skip to my Lou or Attic 24. Also some cute crochet projects on my Pinterest Board.

A not-so-perfect newborn hat in natural unbleached cotton.
Unfolded, it resembles a stocking cap.

I have about four crochet projects going on concurrently some big, some small...something to fit any mood or situation from camping to remedy for sleeplessness.

As you can see, I haven't fully embraced weaving in the loose ends. It is
the very last step step completed before anything is used.

I have made hats and scarfs and lots of blankets.
My newest adventure is in thread crochet, I aspire to make a large pineapple doily, but I'm not quite there yet.

I have some quick and simple holiday creations underway, hopefully I can get some pictures soon  :)

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