iGrow ~and you can, too~ No.4 Lavender

Hardy Lavender {Lavandula angustifolia 'hidcote"}

It's hard to say Hardy Lavendar is my 4th favorite because I love so many plants, so much. A home just isn't a home without a few lavender plants. In just about two short years, a 4" pot of lavender will transform into a large mound of soothing purple blooms atop long stems. Pleanty to cut, dry and use in satches or heat packs. Or perfume your lemonade with a long stem as a swizzle stick.

Here you can see the blooms have opened

Here you can see the buds have yet to open
This is what you want to harvest it you want to use them in scented pillows or sachets...

You can't beat their low maintenance, easy to grow, deer proof, pest free, soothing therapeutic scent. Even the leaves have a sweet lavender scent.

I am not a professional, these a just my opinions. What works for me, may not work for you.

Easy to grow if you dig a hole bigger than the pot, add a handful or two of some compost. Fill the hole with water, put the plant in and backfill around the plant with the original soil mixed with a couple more handfuls of compost. Water it every day for the first two weeks, then about three times amweek the first year to establish the roots.
4-8 hours of sun or more and water regularly (2-3 times a week) should be all you need to grow successful plants.

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