iGrow ~and you can, too~ No.3 Thyme

Thyme {Thymus}
Thyme in bloom

I am a huge fan of herbs. They're so versatile. With a variety of sizes, shapes and yes, flowers, they are perfect for your perennial bed, borders and even in your veggie garden.
Teeny tiny leaves of  Elfin Thyme in the foreground
Wooly thyme moving in from behind.
Excellent ground cover, in rock gardens and between pavers.

My third favorite would have to be Thyme. Multiple colors from blueish grey, bright green, yellow green, 4" tall to ground hugging. Shiny and fuzzy leaves. They are perfect between paver stones as they release their scent when you step as well as rock gardens. I use them on the edge of my borders next to walkways since they are compact and their tiny leaves can be appreciated as you pass by. I do not use herbicides or pesticides in my yard so I can always feel safe about running out to grab a snip of this or pinch of that.
Wooly Thyme
Silvery, hairy little leaves.

I'd also like to mention hat pests seem to steer clear of my perennial herbs altogether. Maybe it's their strong aromas, I'm not quite sure why but they have always been spared.
Spring an early summer they are blanketed in tiny bright pink flowers. Though some varieties are flowerless.

I am not a professional, these a just my opinions. What works for me, may not work for you.

Easy to grow if you dig a hole bigger than the pot, add a handful or two of some compost. Fill the hole with water, put the plant in and backfill around the plant with the original soil mixed with a couple more handfuls of compost. Water it every day for the first two weeks, then about three times amweek the first year to establish the roots.
4-8 hours of sun or more and water regularly (2-3 times a week) should be all you need to grow successful plants.

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