Have a Super Successful Yard Sale

We just had a yard sale
 and attendance reached epic proportions -
300+ people!
We are not career sellers or anything, this is only our third sale in the past decade.

We sold almost everything, our pockets are full and we're pleased as punch ;)

There are a few simple things you can do to maximize your efforts and profit.

#1 drafting
We discovered that the a nearby fancy-schmancy neighborhood has an annual subdivision wide yard sale every May. Apparently it's kinda famous.
Pro yard sale goers will travel for big events, (This was the single most important thing we did!)
Ask around, scan newspaper listings, make a note on your calendar for next year.
Ride the coattails of the big guys! We started at 7 am and the big deal started at 8 am, folks came by ours on the way to the other guy.

#2 stand out from the crowd
Go above and beyond the cheesy fluorescent poster board and black sharpie sign. I made my sign out of 2 precut 2'X4' MDF panels from Home Depot and a hinge, then hand painted it. 
I will stow this flat folding cafe style sign for future sales.
 No one will pass this baby by and the extra effort will pay off!

#3 clean and tidy 
Wipe down, hose off, run through the dishwasher, washer and dryer, dust or vacuum.
You will get a fair price for your things if they are clean and well cared for.

#4 the price is right
Put a price on every item. You stand to lose out on sales while negotiating with one person, another buyer may be too impatient to wait to speak to you. 
Now everyone knows what you'd like to get for it but they stand a chance to make a deal, 
it's all part of the fun ;-)

#5 tasteful display
Don't spread your things out all over the ground or in boxes. Be creative if  you don't have folding tables. It is a much more enjoyable experience to browse at waist height. I know I wouldn't want to bend over and rummage through stuff on the ground. If you have to pull out the patio table or other furniture from your home, by all means make the effort.

#6 something for everyone
I was skeptical when I saw my husband pulling out his bins of unopened "chemicals" like 2 stroke motor oil (for the snowmobiles we no longer own) or  RV antifreeze, wasp spray... 
but the husbands snatched this stuff up!
outerwear, sports equipment, hand tools, kid stuff in good condition, camping supplies. If you only have a few knick-knacks and some clothes, hold onto them and wait until you have enough stuff to warrant going to so much trouble.

#7 free advertising
I listed our sale on Craigslist a week before highlighting some of the items we were selling.

Happy sales to you and
Thanks for stopping by

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  1. Great tip-especially posting on Craig's List. I'd never thought of that! I hope this will help me with my first time garage sale at moving time this summer!

  2. Great tips for a successful sale. I used to have one every 6 months with my friends, but it's been several years now. It's so important to have your stuff presentable, that way customers will feel more like they're in a shop. Thanks for sharing:-)

  3. great great tips! Signs on the roadsides that are barely readable are a pet peeve of mine.

  4. Found you by way of Savvy southern Style. Thanks for sharing these tips. We are going to be doing a yard sale this summer and I will have to try these tips!